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A short film, inspired by a much longer film that is darker, bloodier, sexier - and just dying to be made.


Now online and NSFW.


She-Wolf Of The Woods - The Short Film (Official Release) on YouTube:























For news about the feature film,

She-Wolf Of The Woods: Hunger,

click here:-


More exploitation. More violence.

More victims.

More She-Wolf.

"...freakin' weird and wild! The transformation scene was both erotic and unsettling."

Jak Kay, Horror Happens Radio Show

"I want the full length movie immediately."

Carla M. Lee,

World Premiere

B-Movie Celebration Film Festival

OCT 25th - 27th

Woodridge, Illinois

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You can download She-Wolf via Distrify:-

Winner - 2014

Best International

Short Film

R.I.P. Horror

Film Festival

MAR 27th 2014

Santa Ana, California

"...this looks like it was put together on a much higher budget than the cost of a used car, and it shows the vision and confidence of someone who should be sending out for coffee while hunkered down in an editing bay, not making coffees for cranky commuters."


"I’ve purchased the HD version and will be watching it post-haste. I encourage you to do the same!"


Andrew Quinton

Werewolf News

"...I really admire someone who can put together a film on a shoestring budget like this."


Lew, via

Werewolf News







"A stunning directorial debut."


Jon Dickinson

Marvel Guy

PRESS RELEASE - Friday 13th March



She-Wolf Of The Woods, the NSFW short horror

and prototype prequel to feature film in development

is now available on YouTube.


Warning: scenes of a sexual nature.


The NSFW award-winning short film, She-Wolf Of The Woods, is now available to view online for free at Stay Curious Productions’ YouTube channel:-


Stay Curious Productions


The film, made in association with Koozlick Media, is an experimental taster, linked to its intended feature film follow-up, She-Wolf Of The Woods: Hunger.


Filmed in the small remote village of Dalavich, Scotland, with help from some of its local residents there, the short film gives us a glimpse into the life of one of the feature film’s main characters, Amy Shields.


Amy is a menacing and beautiful She-Wolf apprentice, bound to her master through an ancient curse. She spends her days scouting the Scottish Highlands for victims so that the She-Wolf can have her feed, and thus fulfilling her ritualistic duties in the ways of the hunt.


Reviewers had this to say about it:-


"..a real Euro-horror vibe…the soundtrack is porno-chic…."  Nerdly


"...freakin' weird and wild! The transformation scene was both erotic and unsettling."

Horror Happens Radio Show


" of Lycan mythology will find their appetites pleased and wanting more."

The Lost Highway


"..will have horror fans smiling from ear to ear."  Horror Cult Films


 “A stunning directorial debut.”   Marvel Guy


“…shows vision and confidence…”  Werewolf News


 “A movie you should check out and support.”  Cenobite Me


“…this is 32 minutes of pro-grade good sh–!”  Famous Monsters ****





The film was written, directed and produced by Adriana Polito, in association with the filmmaking prowess of Paul-John Ross from Koozlick Media, who shot, edited and provided all the Visual Effects on the film. Adriana’s cast and crew was made up of 13 people, including Scottish actresses Toni Benedetti and Tyne Roberts in the leading female roles, and English actor Jamie Evans and Scottish actor Jason Harvey in the male leading roles. The cast and crew were made up of professional and non-professional filmmakers and artists from Glasgow and Liverpool.


Of the short film, Adriana had this to say,


“It was a bit of an experimental approach, the short film doesn’t have much to do with the feature film at all, other than just introduce us to one element of its world, and one of its main characters as they go about their day to day business. In the feature film, the landscape widens and we meet many more characters, and more worlds.”




In keeping with the experimental approach, Stay Curious Productions have decided against the crowd-funding model as a finance option for the feature film.


“Crowd-funding is an incredibly powerful and life-changing tool for many people, we’re definitely in support of it and we know that it works, but we want to try something different this time. We have done more than our fair share of asking people for things, favours, time, blood, sweat, tears…and as much as crowd-funding does give individual contributors ownership of something they want to see come alive (and the guarantee of payment for those hard-working filmmakers out there!), we’d really like to try and source this money ourselves this time, and in other ways.


We want to sweat and fight for the funding, like all those freelancers and filmmakers did for us, in the past, when they worked on our projects for no fee. We’re doing this so that we can secure them a fair fee in the future, and make this movie knowing that we bled for it, cos we’re also a bit masochistic that way.”


Adriana is currently going down more traditional fundraising routes, such as approaching corporate and private investors with business plans and applying for grants. 


 “Only time will tell if I can pull that off,” says Adriana. “I was heavily inspired by Sam Raimi’s method of fundraising for The Evil Dead. He made Within The Woods first, then went out, in person, door to door almost, using the short as a prototype platform on which to try and secure private investment. There’s something admirable about that, when a filmmaker goes out, in person, and hunts for funding in that way.” But Adriana’s quick to show that she’s not ruling anything out. “I may eat my words and go down the crowdfunding route eventually! That said, in a market saturated with great projects, all looking for crowdfunding, I just really want to try something different first.”




And if the money does come through, what can we expect from the feature film, She-Wolf Of The Woods: Hunger?


“Imagine watching two different films at the same time. One is a campy meta-horror which has a Teen Wolfesque love story at its core, parodying of a lot of 80s film & TV, and the other is a David Lynch inspired blood-gore fest with a Euro-Horror Gothic love story running through its veins.


Now imagine a crossover point, where the first film invades the other. That’s our framework. It’s risky and ambitious, but it gives us potential for some great stylistic choices, both visually and for the soundtrack. Plus, I can’t see me making this movie any other way.”




Lastly, of the short film, Adriana had this to say, “We hope people enjoy the short. It was my directorial debut, so an excuse to learn a lot on set, but that it looks and sounds so beautiful and professional is a testament to every individual who put their mark on it. I had an incredible team by my side all the way through, an awesome wolf pack.


We don’t wanna ask people for anything, but if you enjoy the movie, then a kind word or two on our Facebook or Twitter page would be much appreciated and go a long way.”


You can listen to a Podcast interview Adriana did with HowlOut Podcast here, where she talks about the origins of She-Wolf, behind-the-scenes action on the making of the short film as well as plans going forward:-


















  • Wix Facebook page
  • Wix Twitter page

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